My spiritual journey

Greetings, beautiful Soul! Thanks for visiting the site, I’m delighted to share this space with you!

A bit about myself and the journey that has lead me to launching heart-centered energy healing services…

I’ve had an interest in all things related to self-development and personal growth since my early teens. I would seek answers to why I was the way I was and where could I develop further to be the best version of myself. I started questioning the status quo and made decisions based on what felt right in my heart, rather than on what everyone else was doing. This has helped me to better know and understand myself and the world I exist in in truly profound ways. In learning to listen to my heart, (which isn’t just a figure of speech btw! I encourage you to check out studies published by The Institute of HeartMath in my Reference section!) my enjoyment of life continues to expand in new and beautiful way as I move forward on this never-ending journey!  

Another important realization I’m grateful to have had early on, is that life is inevitably filled with ups and downs. If I could learn to go with the flow and to trust that things will workout as they are meant to, I could appreciate the challenging times just as much as the awesome times. And good thing, because I’ve had my fair share of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Without these however, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.

This was a real game-changer for my personal growth because it allowed me to understand that no matter the hardship I was faced with, there was always a silver lining, something important to be gained from the experience. I learned to be patient with the process as well and to find the beauty in all situations, to keep and open heart in order to allow the healing to take place. In applying this practice, I was better able to look back objectively and in hindsight, get the lesson I was meant to have and grow from. I believe that the Universe, God, Infinite Wisdom, Source (however you choose to name this higher power)  does not present us with any challenges we’re not able to handle or overcome and that these can be seen rather as opportunities to confront our fears, to break out of patterns that no longer serve towards our freedom and happiness, and to come out a stronger version of ourselves.

I understood that events will happen, but it’s how we choose to perceive the event that will determine our emotions, how we respond and subsequently how we come to experience the situation altogether. So realizing the power of our thought is crucial in making lasting changes for the better.

I believe that self-awareness and being intentional in our actions are such important qualities to develop if we want to start living the awesome life we were meant to live. By this I mean that in order to live a fulfilled life, it is up to us to recognize our ineffective patterns, take charge and make the changes that are needed in those areas of our lives that no longer feel in line. I understand that this is often easier said than done and quite honestly difficult for most of us to do, for multiple reasons. But improvements are always attainable!!

The way we show up in the world today has been highly influenced by the way we were raised and our parents’ and friends’ views and opinions (even though they may have been well-meaning) it shaped our beliefs and views of everything around us. In addition to this, the information we constantly receive from the media, the news, reality TV, our social network, etc. all serve to reinforce certain conditioned mindsets and thought patterns that we carry in us wherever we go. If we remain unaware of these patterns and habits, they become increasingly challenging to break away from as we move through life.

I found that one of the consequence of “conditioned living” is that our reactions and responses to the events we live (particularly those perceived as negative) become almost automatic and often the way we react isn’t the most effective if we consider how we could achieve a desired outcome. Many of us are so used to responding the same way to certain circumstances (many of which seem to repeat themselves over and over, but in different contexts with different people) and have never given thought to “how could I be contributing to this situation?” and “how could I show up differently in all of this?”. We must recognize that at the end of the day, WE are the only common denominator in our life’s “dramas”. Because for the most part, the reality of the world we’ve been living in is that self-awareness and emotional intelligence isn’t something that’s necessarily taught or promoted in society.  It’s very easy to identify the reasons outside of ourselves why things aren’t the way we’d like them to be. But what if we all committed to working on our own self awareness, personal responsibility and empowerment instead of blaming or adopting a victim-mentality when things aren’t going the way we want them to? What if we took accountability for our role and recognized that we are where we are today as a result of the sum of the decisions and choices we have made in our lifetime. These types of questions are the silver lining, here lies the opportunity to regain our personal power, perhaps even redefine ourselves and figure out how we can take charge of getting ourselves to the life we deserve to be living..

I want to acknowledge though that there is an important shift happening as we speak – these are very exciting times we’re living in! I’m thrilled to see major changes taking place and society’s collective consciousness is awakening in amazing ways. This is validated with the many individuals who are choosing to step out of autopilot mode for a more mindful, loving approach to life, bringing this awareness to their circle of influence, forming “conscious” communities and groups and truly being the change they want to see in the world.  Is it safe to say that the very fact that you are here reading this right now and curious about the benefits of energy healing may indicate that you too are part of this awakening movement?? 😉 

So in brief, this is the foundation of the work I do. And in continually applying this on-going process to my own life, that is really embodying this self-work and constantly growing from my experiences, I find such joy in sharing my knowledge to assist those who are truly ready to say “Yes” to growth and reconnect with their true Self.

Reiki, Energy & Chakra balancing and Crystal healing are some of complementary therapies I currently practice. Discovering and exploring these gifts has created so much space for greatness in my own life. I’ve learned, and continue to fine-tune my abilities to channel this beautiful energy (also referred to as positive vibes or high vibration), in order to share with those open to receiving the benefits of energy healing and resetting their own energy field. What’s wonderful about energy healing is that we all possess within us the ability to tap into this ourselves, in fact the body was designed for this, we must start with awareness, to give it the space and proper conditions to do so. In addition to the modalities I offer, I would love to help you become empowered in your journey towards the life you desire by sharing my knowledge of the many things we can start do right now in our own lives to get us on a fast track to well-being.

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If you’re ready to welcome more love, happiness, purpose, FULFILLMENT, empowerment, self-awareness, stability,  better emotional health, balance, abundance and adventure in your life,  I would love to connect and see how I can be of service to you in achieving greatness at this time In your journey.
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With Love, blessings and gratitude,